Volumes Up: Amplifying the Significance of Mental Health through Kalinaw Unplugged

Written by: Patricia Yvonne Albina

Many are struggling against more than one pandemic. Aside from the virus, the world is also dealing with the pandemic of mental and emotional stress. Social injustices continue to hinder growth; economic crisis is rapidly progressing; the overall situation placed every system at risk, which affects everyone, especially the youth that relies on it.

Given these challenges that a lot of us try to combat day by day, we should also bear in mind that prioritizing our psychological health and well-being is essential because the stigma that is associated with mental health issues can establish disinclination.

“A lot of us experiences different kinds of emotions. That’s why I personally think that it’s important that we should also focus on our own mental state,” shares Raven Omandam, one of the members of Galing LNC Youth.

Addressing and promoting mental health awareness through personal stories that tackles about valuing and taking care of ourselves as well as listening to songs about self-love, an online jamming titled Kalinaw Unplugged: Youth Jam was presented by Galing LNC Youth.


The messages and stories of every song that was sung by the Bargo Brothers were depicted with different realizations and experiences from the listeners. “Parang kahit ilang beses man tayong maligaw sa daanan papunta sa tinatahak nating journey, we’ll still be guided back,” explains Kristin Sandoval, one of the members. “At napanghawakan ko rin ‘yon.”

The constant stress affects ourselves and the way we handle life. It even makes us wonder our own worth. We tend to forget to breathe and take things in stride. “We are all worthy and more than enough. Kaya naman we should never think low of ourselves dahil self-love always comes first dapat,” Raven said as they reflect to one of Coldplay’s famous songs titled “Fix You.”

Kristin and Raven continued to highlight the significance of valuing ourselves by sharing tips, experiences, and their struggles as students who is also having a hard time coping with the education system. Complying with academic workloads has been one of their challenges in life right now but they still motivate themselves to carry on and continue with their lives.


The profound impacts of the pandemic have created an additional mental strain on everyone, causing it to be at stake, especially in youth. “Magtulungan tayo. We should lift up each other. Sabay-sabay at dapat walang maiiwan.” Kristin affirms.

The feeling of being stressed and anxious is inevitable. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with everything on our own because bad news is heaped on us daily. Share and seek help to improve your wellbeing.

“We should always prioritize health. Lalong-lalo na sa pangangalaga ng ating sarili,” Raven remarks. This pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health. Ease up on yourself and breathe. Unplug when needed.

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Watch Kalinaw Unplugged here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6SthjbggZU

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