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Edwardian EDGE Plus: Edwardian Excellence in Digital Education

St. Edward School Hybrid-Flexible Learning Modality

The Edwardian EDGE Plus :  Edwardian Excellence in Digital Global Education is founded on the mission of St. Edward Schools as a nurturing learning institution.  Edwardian EDGE Plus is grounded on the pedagogy of global education that will engage students in learning areas that will enable them to develop an expanded worldview that is grounded on the universal values and character formation. 

The crisis has emboldened St. Edward Schools to respond in a decisive, yet nurturing way to prepare our students for what the future may hold. Through the Edwardian EDGE, we aspire that Edwardians not only are proficient in academics, more so they become responsible citizens of the country and of the world equipped with the necessary 21st century skills that may enable them to address the ever growing demands of the times, resilient to changes and responsive to challenges. 

The Edwardian EDGE Plus is a hybrid-flexible learning modality which is a combination of limited face-to-face / onsite learning and online distance learning (ODL).


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