St. Edward School -Teaching Learning Framework


The teaching and learning framework of St. Edward School anchored on its Educational Philosophy and aligned to the Mission-Vision of the School is an interrelated set of instructional expectations designed to guide and support the teachers in the delivery of instructions to achieve high standards of student learning.


As instructional designers, it is imperative for the teachers to write good lessons plans.  Lesson planning helps the teacher systematically organize her thoughts and remember key elements of the learning engagement.  It ascertains the teacher that clear expectations are set and revisited, activities are developmentally appropriate, and the right materials are used to carry out the activities.  It gives the teacher a whole picture of the teaching-learning course and thus provide opportunities for integration with other curricular subjects giving the learners a whole idea that everything is connected to everything else.

Anchoring to Global Standards  

The Edwardian EDGE is grounded on the pedagogy of global education.  An education that prepares the student for the future with an expanded world-view.  

The 21st Century Skills are considered “super skills” that schools advocate to help students thrive in today’s world.

  • Communication is the practice of conveying ideas quickly and clearly.
  • Collaboration is the practice of working together to achieve a common goal.
  • Critical Thinking is the practice of solving problems, among other qualities.

Creativity is the practice of thinking outside the box.

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