Educational Philosophy

The Educational Philosophy of St. Edward School

Educ. Phy


The K to 12 Program of the Department of Education is fully implemented in St. Edward School. As a nurturing learning institution, St. Edward School anchors its curriculum to the developmental goals of the child, nurturing them at every stage of their life to enhance mastery of concepts, skills development and a love for lifelong learning.


St. Edward School recognizes that each child is created equal, yet differently. St. Edward School harnesses these unique gifts by providing holistic programs that enhance the scholastic performance of every child and enrich their gifts in various areas such as sports, the arts and entrepreneurship.


“It takes a village to raise a child.” The School as an integral part of the Lancaster New City, actively and purposefully partners with families and the community through various initiatives that synergize the capacities of both essential institutions in raising children imbibed with its shared values.

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