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The Guidance and Counselling Center (GCC) will be an integral component of the educational system of St. Edward School. The center shares in the responsibility of fulfilling the mission-vision of the school in developing Edwardians who excel academically, are well-formed in character, and are catalysts for social transformation.

The guidance and counseling services are preventive and developmental in nature. They are geared towards contributing to the personal, psychological-emotional, social, educational, and career development of students.   

This will give students and parents a preview of the services that they can avail. Such services aim to make students self-directed and intellectually oriented individuals while learning digitally from home.

Information Service

Created and implemented to provide updated and pertinent data which may be useful in designing programs to answer the developmental needs of the students. It is meant to gather and relay relevant facts needed by the members of the community for their education, personal, social, and spiritual advancement. This service includes career education programs, orientation programs, guidance week celebrations, and guidance informational/educational materials.

GCC OrientationThis is a one-hour orientation with the students wherein the GA introduces the various guidance programs and services that the students may avail all throughout the school year.

  • This will be done during the first week of classes. The program will run for one hour.
  • A pre-recorded orientation video will be played during the first thirty minutes of the program containing all the Guidance & Counselling programs and services. The remaining minutes will be allotted for an interactive discussion and activity regarding mental health issues. 
  • Google meet link for the orientation will be distributed to student emails by the help of the Guidance Associates and Homeroom Adviser.

Needs Assessment Survey – This is a short questionnaire accomplished by the parents upon enrolment to determine which developmental aspects should be addressed.

  • This will be given during the Guidance and Counselling orientation. This is in a google form format. Responses should be submitted a week after receipt. 
  • Results from this survey will be used for the creation of Guidance and Counselling activities and programs.

Career Education – This program aims to guide and enlighten the students on their possible career paths through different activities all throughout the school year.

  • Online group symposia/workshops and individual mock interviews and career counseling.
  • Schedule of activities will be announced during the year.

Guidance Education Materials  – These are different resources made available for students to be informed and updated on the current trends in counselling and for mental health awareness.

  • This will be done through posting on St. Edward School’s official Facebook page of infographics, articles, posters and narratives regarding different topics on Mental Health. 
  • Books about mental health will be made available at the Library and World Book online.

Individual Inventory – Designed to enable concerned school personnel to have an awareness of each student’s personality, behavior, academic performance, and personal growth. It is a continuous process of accumulating pertinent data and other specific information about each student from the time he/she enrolls to the time he/she graduates, transfers to another school, or is dropped from the enrolment list.

  • Student’s Individual File Folder – A compilation of the student’s records, counselling session notes, guidance test results, and appraisal.
  • Individual Inventory Report – A form that is given at the start of each school for the parents to accomplish. This is submitted to the GCC for updating and filing of student records.
  • The individual inventory form will be handed out on the first to second week of the school year. This must be accomplished by the parents. 
  • Collection of responses will be done using Google Forms.

Counselling – This service establishes a professional relationship between a counsellor and a student in which the counsellor attempts to assist the counselee to adjust to his/her aspects of life affecting his/her optimal social, physical, emotional, psychological, mental, career, and spiritual development

  • Routine Counselling Interview – Students will be scheduled for either an individual or by group routine counselling interview session with their respective counsellors. This is to regularly check up on the various aspects of the children’s development.
  • Walk-in – Students may voluntarily reach out to their respective counsellors should they feel that they need help with a particular concern or problem. Initial contacting of the student to the counsellor may be done through e-mail, chat, or text message so as to agree upon a schedule for the session.

Testing and Appraisal

Refers to the administration, interpretation, dissemination, and utilization of standardized psychological tests and other forms that measure mental ability, achievement, aptitude, diagnostic, interest, personality, etc. Profiles are disseminated to teachers, administrators, and parents to know more about the emotional-psychological condition of their students/children. An in-depth interpretation and individual and group testing are under this service.

  • Testing – Standardized psychological tests are administered to students online. After scoring and interpretation by the psychometrician, results will be disseminated to the students, teachers and parents. 
  • Enrichment and Intervention

    Designed and conducted to enhance the students’ normal growth and development process and to improve the quality of life experienced by students with special needs. Areas that are considered essential in these programs include: basic life and coping skills and strategies, values formation, attitude and behavioral modification/management, parent formation, and crisis management, etc. These programs will be delivered through seminars, trainings, forum, focus group discussion, consultation, etc. 

  • Webinars – These are online seminars conducted with the students and/or parents as audience or participants of the program. Topics of discussion would include current trends in child development, life skills and strategies, parenting matters, etc.
  • Partnerships – The school shall establish and maintain partnerships or tie-ups with different mental health professionals and organizations for our programs and referral for necessary intervention.

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