Work Immersion Programs

The SHS Work Immersion Program (WIP)

St. Edward School partners with LGUs, private orgs

St. Edward School is dedicated to delivering a well-rounded education that will equip our students for success in their future undertakings. To make this happen, we partnered with government agencies and private companies that provided excellent work immersion experiences for our students.
By partnering with various institutions, our students gained valuable real-life experience, essential skills, and broadened their perspectives. These partnerships are vital in developing future-ready citizens who can positively impact the world.

SHS Work Immersion Program: Developing Future-Ready Citizens

All the best goes to our Senior High School students as they embark on their 10-week work immersion program with our 28 partner institutions! We partnered with private companies and government agencies to immerse our Grade 12 students to an actual workplace setting. This will provide our students an impactful opportunity to obtain practical experiences in their chosen industries while also developing vital skills that will prepare them for college and their future employment.
We are confident that they will do an excellent job representing our school and making the most of this wonderful learning opportunity. We are excited to learn about their achievements and successes throughout their immersion program.
Our gratitude to our partner institutions and organizations in providing these opportunities to our students. Truly, it takes a village to raise a child!

EdSyentista – STEM Work Immersion Program

EdSyentista is a capstone project produced by the STEM strand propose solutions backed by research to common and perceived problems present in their communities.


Edpreneur – ABM Work Immersion Program

Edpreneur is an online platform for the ABM students to exercise their entrepreneurial mindset in relation to their various learning areas in the strand.  Local entrepreneurs become partners of the ABM students that becomes their vehicle for an online entrepreneurial project.


EDFLUENCER – HUMSS Work Immersion Program

EDFLUENCER becomes the vehicle of the HUMSS students towards becoming a more responsible social media influencers by proposing and developing highly-engaging social media campaigns that will create change and promote advocacies in the communities.


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