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The Edwardian EDGE Plus is a hybrid-flexible learning modality which is a combination of limited face-to-face / onsite learning and online distance learning (ODL). It is grounded on the pedagogy of global education that will enable every Edwardian to develop an expanded worldview, proficient in academics, responsible citizenship equipped with the necessary 21st century skills.

Yes. The school shall adopt the hybrid-flexible learning modality where a structured academic program that includes limited on-site learning, a virtual on-line routine, daily check-ins, learning playlists for asynchronous and synchronous class sessions, faculty consultations, parent-home support, and assessment of learning outcomes.

The whole school year. The safety and well-being of the learners is our utmost concern. The hybrid-flexible online learning modality will remain in effect as guided by School Safety Assessment Tool (SSAT) of the Department of Education.

Pre-Kinder, Kinder and primary Learners (Grades 1 to 3) will need some assistance in the initial use of the device or in navigating the Learning Management System. There shall be minimal assistance in doing the learning playlists. A responsible adult at home is expected to watch over the students while they are doing their learning tasks.

  • Tech Team is on hand to guide students and parents to ensure that the LMS is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Training and orientation to parents and guardians are to be conducted.
  • Trial runs shall be organized even before the opening of classes.
  • An online support will be provided to students during check-ins and faculty consultations.

The set-up is on the student’s learning time, rather than the student’s contact time with the teacher.Young learners in basic education need to develop routine. This is the purpose of the Edwardian EDGE, which aims to emphasize to the learners a typical school day in an online learning environment.

Yes. The learning time refers to the estimated amount of time that a student need to do the tasks given via the learning playlists. These tasks include:

  1. Daily check-ins every day, reminders, monitoring of students’ well-being and establishing routines.
  2. Learning tasks in various subjects that are either synchronous or asynchronous, pre-recorded lecture, reading materials, participating in discussion, individual tasks, project-based learning and taking assessments.
  3. Regular consultation whether individual or in small groups with the teachers for academic and non-academic concerns.

Yes. Especially the continuing students, wearing of the Edwardian polo shirt whenever they are online will give that feeling that they are still in school. This will be part of the daily check-ins by the teachers. The polo shirt can be paired by pants or shorts and sneakers.

It is the online learning platform for all web-based tools that will facilitate learning. Phoenix Aralinks is the Learning Management System together with Google Suite for Education as web-based tools.

It is a set of learning experiences delivered through the LMS, designed to engage students with their lessons, their teachers as coaches, and their fellow students.

It refers to the two modes of online learning. Synchronous activities happen in real-time usually via teleconferencing.Asynchronous are online learning activities that students can do on their own at their own pace, within a given time frame. They require minimal real-time interaction between the teacher and the students but will provide opportunities for consultation with their teachers.

Yes. Collaboration is part of 21st Century Skills. Interaction, discussion, and group activities are essential to online learning. Club activities and extracurricular activities can also be organized for the students.

Spiritual and Character Formation. As a school that is Catholic in orientation, all online learning activities shall begin with a prayer. Values formation through the Christian Living subject as well as integration of Edwardian Core Values in all subject areas will create opportunities to nurture their personal relationship with God.

Guidance Services. These challenging times call for greater attention and support for our young and vulnerable learners. Our Guidance and Counseling Center shall continuously conduct psycho-emotional support for all students through consultation and conduct routine interviews.


Code of Conduct. The opportunities offered by the new technologies call for a strong moral compass for our young Edwardian learners. We must instill discipline, demand good character, and oversee their growth as responsible, honest, and respectable persons and as a global citizen.Feedback mechanisms as well as helping and proactive communication with parents and guardians will achieve this goal.The school shall adapt new policies on code of discipline to the new mode of online learning delivery including

Broadband internet access that require at least 2mbps will be sufficient to load the learning materials and learning playlist. Audio and video plug-ins will be needed by the students to play video or audio materials (e.g. Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.)

Productivity software are needed to accomplish the learning tasks:

  • Web browser (e.g. Google Chrome)
  • Word Processing (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • Reading text documents (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Developing / creating presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint)
  • Spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel)
  • Video / Sound recording (e.g. built-in camera)

Yes. Communication in some forms will be thru email. Also, emails are needed to log-in to some web-based applications.

Every student will be given their office SES Email addresses. This will be handled by the IT Services Office. For technical assistance please email:

With the subscription to Google Suite for Education ensures the stability and reliability of data management of students and teachers to support its online learning activities.

On the modality of SY 2021-2022 – The situation is still very uncertain.  We foresee that much of school year 2021-2022 may still be delivered online due to the public health situation .  We will diligently announce the mode of delivery (full online, blended or in-class) as to the ideal setting for basic education.  The decision we make in this regard will always prioritize health and safety, and we will be in compliance with all national and local government guidelines.

Should there be plans for tuition fee increase, the school understands that there is a process to be undertaken including tuition fee consultations.  The school is conscientious of the impact of this pandemic to the financial situations of families.  Steps to be undertaken by the school will always be for the welfare of all and is beneficial to the learning process of our students.

School Year 2021-2022 will end with the Third Term Assessment on May 30 – June 1, 2022 (for Pre Kinder to Grade 12)

The conduct of end-of-year rites such as the Completion and Graduation Rites will be dependent on the directives of DepEd, Local Government Units, and IATF.  The school however is preparing for an online graduation ceremony.

The Edwardian Yearbook 2020 will be released on March 22.  There will be an announcement to be made.  Two options to claim the Yearbook: 

  1. To be claimed in school by parents/guardian; or
  2. Sign-up for door-to-door delivery.

There will be surveys among Grade 6, Grade 10, and Grade 12 as to the publication of Yearbook for the graduating batch.  Keep posted on announcements in line with this matter.

  • Admissions Period:  April 2021 – July 2021
  • Enrollment Period:  July 1 – 31, 2021
  • Classes Begin:  August 23, 2021
  • School Calendar for SY 2021-2022:  August 2021 – June 2022

Please refer to our Facebook page “St. Edward School, Lancaster New City” for the steps of our Online Admissions Process and updates.

School Calendar for SY 2021-2022:  August 2021 – June 2022

While the school has encountered an unexpected problem with the medal supplier last year due to the pandemic, the school has taken steps to find a new supplier that will meet the requirements needed to produce medals intended for our SY 2019-2020 awardees.

While we are still under community quarantine restrictions, we thank you for your understanding in the delay of the delivery of these medals.

The School continues to make innovations and review of its current programs to serve our students better.  Receiving a high mark of positive response from our parents in our conduct of the Online Distance Learning will propel us to further enhance our processes.  We are looking at the details of the remaining 22% of those who responded in the survey and delve into the reasons for their answers.  The survey provides us with detailed and verbatim explanations of our parents’ responses.  All these will be part of our next steps.

Indeed, the Learning Continuity Plan which is the online modality limits physical and social interaction among our children.  This can be further enhanced through careful and more creative learning activities that will address social-emotional learning processes. 

Thank you for asking the question.  On March 8-26, there will be a series of talks that our Grade 12 students will attend as to their plans for college.  The Homeroom Advisers are currently conducting a sign-up for the students to register.

The school has conducted a 3-day career fair for all senior high school students.  It includes orientation, talks by representatives from colleges and universities and talks by invited professionals relevant to their strands.

On March 8 – 26, there will be a series of talks to be attended by the students in line with their program of choice.


The SHS Calendar will be up to June 1, 2022, the last day of the Final Term Assessment.

The SHS Final Term Assessment for First Semester is scheduled on January 19-21, 2022 while the Final Term Assessment for Second Semester is scheduled on May 30-June 1, 2022.

  • Second Semester – January 24 to June 1, 2022
  • Mid-Term Assessment – March 23 to 25, 2022
  • Progress Report Card – April 22, 2022
  • Final Assessment – May 30 to June 1, 2022
  • Report Card Distribution – June 17, 2022

To assist you and your child in terms of college admissions and application, the following offices shall assist you:

  1. Registrar’s Office for Form 138/137; Diploma; certificate of ranking, certified true copies of report card, and other academic documents needed.
  2. Guidance Office for certification, good moral character, and other recommendation forms

For UP Applications:  The Registrar’s Office has received the link from the UP Admissions Office last February 17, 2021.  The Registrar’s Staff is currently processing the Forms required by UP.  Parents and students shall be informed once it has been accomplished given the deadline.

For SHS Voucher concerns:

  1. Visit the Registrar and bring a copy of your QVR (Qualified Voucher Recipient) Certificate or email at; Attention: Ms. Gina del Ayre, Registrar.

For Accounts concerns:

  1. Visit the Accounting Office or email

For GRADE 11 Students:

  1. For Grade 11 Students who submitted their QVR Certificate from September 2020-January 25, 2021 The SHS Voucher was already billed to PEAC.  The List of voucher recipients was already forwarded to the Accounting Office and will automatically deduct the amount of the voucher from the account if there are existing balances.  If there is a refund , parents  are advised and contacted in due time once the school has received the payment from PEAC. Usually, the school receives the payments from PEAC during the months of April to May.
  2. Last call for those Grade 11 students who did not submit their QVR Certificates. Kindly send the QVR to needed to request PEAC to reopen the Billing Statement of the school.

For GRADE 12 Students:

  1. For Grade 12 Students – The SHS Voucher was already billed to PEAC. The list of voucher recipients was already forwarded to the Accounting Office and shall automatically deduct the amount of the voucher from the account if they are existing balances.
  2. If there is a refund, parents will be advised in due time once the school has received the payment from PEAC. Usually, the school received the payments from PEAC by the month of April to May.

The SHS voucher is reflected on the student’s Statement of Account as Credit Memo for the Application of DepEd voucher upon successful submission of billing statement to DepEd.  The School Registrar monitors the status of billing statement via  Upon receipt of the status for the successful submission of billing statement to the DepEd Central Office, the Registrar will provide the list of grantees to Finance.  The Finance Department will prepare the credit memo based on the list provided.

For students with no outstanding balances or under annual/cash mode of payment, the application of DepEd voucher will be reflected as an overpayment in Statement of Account.  Upon confirmation of the DepEd payment to the school’s bank account, the Finance Department will email the student/parents with overpayment for the procedures in processing of check payments for the voucher refund.

St. Edward School has designed its Work Immersion Program (WIP) for Grade 12 students and has been designed following the memorandum released by DepEd.

For STEM – the work immersion program is called EdSiyentista whereby STEM students shall conduct a capstone project consistent with the Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) that will allow students to look into solutions to the common problems and issues in the community.

For ABM – the work immersion program is called Edpreneur; an e-commerce project in partnership with Buyani that will link ABM students with local online entrepreneurs who will serve as partners and mentors.

For HUMSS – the work immersion program is called EdFluencer; an online platform that will enable HUMSS students to promote positive social values in partnership with community stakeholders using their talents and skills to create a campaign and influence change in the community.

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