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The LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER or the school library is a significant academic support service of the school’s teaching and learning environment. It provides resources and services that support students, teachers, and families.  The library’s resources, physical space, and staff have significant roles to make a difference to students’ achievement, learning experience, and discovery, and social and emotional well-being.


Library materials are borrowed and returned at the circulation desk. This is also where the students, faculty members and staff pay their overdue fines.

The library provides reference and referral service to the clientele. Queries are answered by providing information sources through the resources available in the library. 

Matching readers with books and books to readers. Providing the students and faculty members with leisure reading rather than their informational needs. Readers’ advisory deals with both fiction and non-fiction titles.

Faculty, staff and students are welcome to recommend any material, which can add value to our library collection. However, purchase of recommended items is subject to approval and availability of funds. 

Library members are regularly informed about the recent acquisitions in the library. Newly acquired books are posted on the bulletin board and displayed inside the library. 

Library members can utilize audio visual resources available in library. To facilitate the users, necessary equipment has been provided for this purpose. Library staff also extends help to the members in using these resources. 

The Library Instruction Program (LIP) includes the following:  Library Orientation ,  Library Instruction Program tied-up with various academic subjects,  and Librarian-Assisted Research 

The DEAR Program is a twice a month, 15 minute program which promotes a culture of reading in the SES community. All members of the community are encouraged to take part in this program by devoting the allotted 15 minutes solely for reading.

November is National Book Month. The LRC celebrates this event by creating activities that promotes reading and literacy. This program is in partnership with the English Department. 


Special Events Program is a by the month program which highlights LRC resources related to the monthly theme.


World Book Online is a suite of online research tools that includes encyclopedia articles, primary source collections, educator tools, student activities, educational games, pictures, audio, and video, complemented by current periodicals and related Web sites.

World Book Online is a perfect tool for young learners to explore independently or learn with an adult. Developed with experts on education, our curated content reinforces curriculum via short videos, read-aloud stories, interactive activities and games. 

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