St. Edward School's Book Month Celebration: A Journey into the World of Literature

November is a special month for book lovers, and St. Edward School is no exception. As we kick off our Book Month celebration this November, our aim is clear: to foster and ignite the love for reading among our students. With a month full of exciting and student-centered activities, St. Edward School is ready to embark on a literary adventure that promises to be both fun and enlightening. From book character costumes to book fairs, library tours, poem writing, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this wonderful month.

Unleashing Imagination with Book Character Costume

To begin our celebration, St. Edward School started the month with a bang. On Monday, our students stepped into the world of their favorite books, cartoons, movies, mangas, and other reading references as they donned costumes of their beloved characters. The hallways were filled with mini Harry Potters, Hermione Grangers, Spider-Mans, and so many more. This creative and lively kickoff event not only showcased our students’ love for reading but also allowed them to embrace their favorite literary heroes and heroines.

A Month of Exciting Activities

Be sure to visit the Book Fair at campuses' AVRs.

But our Book Month celebration is not limited to one day of costume fun; it’s an entire month of literary delight! Throughout the month, our Edwardians can look forward to a wide range of activities that center around the joy of reading and literacy. Here’s what they can expect:

  1. Book Fair: In collaboration with Learning is Fun! (WS Pacific Publications, Inc.), our school’s Learning Resource Center is delighted to host a book fair, providing an opportunity for students and school staff to acquire a wide array of books and educational materials.
  2. Library Tour: Let us dive into the world of books! Students will embark on a thrilling library tour, exploring the school library and diving into a library orientation session, all within the exciting realm of their English class.
  3. Literary Theme Park: In Grades 8 to 10, each section will choose a story from their English class’s literary selections, whether previously covered or upcoming. They will conduct a thorough analysis of the story’s plot, settings, themes, conflicts, characters, and symbolism. This analysis will serve as the foundation for their creative amusement park concept, which they will present in the Audio Visual Room (AVR). Students will have the opportunity to visit the AVR during their English class sessions to experience these engaging presentations firsthand.
  4. Shelfies: Get ready to strike a pose with your favorite books, whether you’re in the school’s library or cozy at home! It’s time for some “Shelfies” that celebrate the love of reading. Don’t forget to add your own creative captions to make these snapshots truly meaningful!

In addition to the activities mentioned, we’ve got more exciting events lined up, including a Pajama Party, the Mr. & Ms. Literature pageant, and a valuable literacy seminar for SHS students.

Young Edwardians in costume finding inspiration in prayer.

National Book Week: A National Endeavor

St. Edward School’s Book Month celebration coincides with the National Book Week in the Philippines. This national celebration, held mainly during the last week of November, from November 20 to 24 this year, pays tribute to the invaluable service of public libraries in the country. It emphasizes the importance of reading and acknowledges the critical function of libraries in imparting knowledge to the people.

"Libraries serve as the fertile ground where the seeds of knowledge are sown, and, much like a carefully tended garden, they transform into thriving forests of wisdom."

St. Edward School’s Book Month celebration is a time for our students to dive into the wonderful world of books and literature. Through imaginative book character costumes, book fairs, library tours, poem writing, Shelfies, and more, we hope to instill a lifelong love for reading in our Edwardians. As we join the nation in celebrating National Book Week, we are reminded of the vital role that libraries play in promoting literacy and knowledge. So, let’s embrace the magic of books and celebrate the joy of reading throughout this special month.

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