Through the Edwardian EDGE, St. Edward Schoolโ€™s (SES) Senior High School program offers life-long education through its competency-based learning, well-trained and industry-experienced teachers, and community-engaged activities, school leaders reported.

During the first session of the Grade 10 SHS Talk from April 19 to 23, Dr. John T. Cabalo, principal, explained how the competency-based learning of SES has been offering its students a vibrant student life and eventually preparing them for college.

Dr. Cabalo said that the curriculum of SES is not only aligned to the Department of Educationโ€™s (DepEd) Most Essential Learning Competencies, but it also offers โ€œwell-designed learning plans and activitiesโ€ that is generous in the โ€œsupervision of instruction and strong researchโ€ with the โ€œemphasis on critical thinking and authentic assessments.โ€

This has led Edwardian Seniors to pass different university or college admission tests such as in the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT). In addition, 98% of the students proceed to colleges and universities in Cavite and Manila.

The principal also disclosed that as per schoolโ€™s evaluation report, 100% of its faculty are โ€œspecialized and qualified, and with bachelorโ€™s degree related to the subjects handled.โ€ Furthermore, the faculty members are โ€œwell-trained and industry-experiencedโ€ with 75% having masters or pursuing graduate studies.

Meanwhile, strong, community-engaged research has been one of the important features of the schoolโ€™s SHS program. Having the โ€œsolid research foundation,โ€ Edwardian Seniors have been active contributors to the Youth-led Participatory Action Research (YPAR) using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method research.

With the programโ€™s great emphasis on the academics, Dr. Cabalo also underscored the importance of โ€œvibrant student lifeโ€ through the clubs and organizations, and community engagements being offered by the school even in the time of pandemic. The school still engages its students in student-led activities and programs which strengthens student leadership.

On the other hand, Dr. Cabalo encouraged the Grade 10 students to assess themselves and reflect on which SHS track or strand they want to take.
โ€œKnow the subjects in each track, research about your chosen school, and work on your interpersonal skills,โ€ the principal said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Salvador Arbis, Discipline and Formation Officer, helped the Grade 10 students in harnessing their potentials in choosing the SHS strand through the discussion of the different track programs.

(Originally published byย St. Edward School Publications)

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