About St. Edward School​

St. Edward School is used to be known as St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS). It was founded in 2012 by the Property Company of Friends (PRO-FRIENDS) and is located in Lancaster New City, Alapan, Imus, Cavite.

As Lancaster New City grows, it envisions a community that provides a well-rounded lifestyle and offers not only homes but commercial amenities, jobs, recreation and schools. With this in mind, St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS) was established.

The school is named after St. Edward the Confessor, known to be pious and just. He was the only king of England who became a Saint.

It began its operations during the 2012-2013 Academic Year, offering Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 8. Today, it offers a complete basic education program from preschool to senior high school.

Inspired by the life of St. Edward the Confessor, SES is steadfast in delivering quality education coupled with character formation, founded on the values of faith, integrity, stewardship and hardwork. 

Our Vision – Mission

St. Edward School is a nurturing learning institution, Catholic in character and committed to engage a family-centered community in developing citizens who are excellent in academics, well-formed in character and catalysts for social transformation.

Our Core Values:

F - Faith​

St. Edward was a prayerful servant of God who spent his time and used his resources to serve God through charity work and community building.

An Edwardian professes his/her faith in action by serving God, mankind and his creaion.

I - Integrity​

St. Edward was true to his word and the word of God. He declared his faith and lived his life accordingly.

An Edwardian is honest, sincere and humble. He/She observes the rules even without supervision.

S - Stewardship​

St. Edward served his constituency and took care of the church. He cared for his possession by sharing and entrusting to his constituents.

An Edwardian cares for his environment and volunteers his time, skills and talents to the community.

H - Hardwork​

St. Edward relentlessly/persistently served his people and the church.

An Edwardian values hardwork and exerts best effort despite the challenges to live out his/her best potential to become the best version of himself/herself for family, community and country.

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