Generosity amid the pandemic: From ‘Reverse Santa’ to Community Pantries

Generosity amid the pandemic: From ‘Reverse Santa’ to Community Pantries

By: Alpha Khristi Clavido
A few months ago, our family experienced generosity from other people. We were stuck in Australia because of Covid-19; our flights got cancelled, and we were having a difficult time. Without even asking for help, people we know offered us help in whatever way they can. We still remember their kindness, and we remain to be grateful about it until now. 

Amazingly, the challenges caused by the pandemic have not stopped people to be generous. I have been a witness of how people, from Australia to the Philippines, lend their hands. 

I remember back in December 2020, “Santa Claus” visited our community, but no one in the neighborhood was expecting to receive gifts, rather we gave gifts to Santa. I saw how people merrily handed grocery items to Santa who was riding on a sleigh. 

The activity called “reverse Santa” which is part of the Galing LNC Christmasaya, was able to donate the gifts collected to our dear frontliners in our barangay and surrounding communities that need help. Close to 900 bags donated and P5700 raised.  

The spirit of giving amid the pandemic did not stop there. Today, people began to set up Community Pantries to help people in need of food and to give others the opportunity to give whatever they can share. In our community in Lancaster New City (LNC), people are also starting to make Community PAW-tries and Community Pan-TREES to help pets and the environment in various ways. I have personally started on making one for my campaign called “Food 4 Good” that hopes to provide basic needs for the homeless and the people in the community.  

Our “Food 4 Good” has been serving in the Resbakuna program providing food and some snacks for the volunteers. It is amazing how our families and friends extend their help to achieve our goal in helping the community achieve herd immunity. I may not be able to go outside, but I am glad that our efforts are paying off. 

Generosity is showing kindness towards others. It is an act of sharing blessings to others. The modern English word 'generosity' derives from the Latin word 'generosus', which means 'noble ' Most recorded English uses of the word 'generous' up to and during the Sixteenth Century reflect an aristocratic sense of being of noble lineage or high birth. Generosity also means doing a noble act. So, nobody needs to be a king or a queen to be noble, one just needs to be generous. 

This is how the Covid-19 pandemic changed our lives. People have become more generous than ever. The pandemic has called us to serve further. 

Donate to your local community pantries, or even start your own! One does not need to be a king or a queen to be noble. Generosity begins with the overflowing love of God. 

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